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About Walker Real Estate Rentals

We are a property management company that understands the Ft. Leonard Wood, Waynesville, and St. Robert areas. We are dedicated to making the difference between an easy, no-stress move and a drawn-out, stressful pain in the neck. You should select a property management team ready to dedicate their energy to you.

Whether you are moving in or moving out, we have walked in your shoes! As owners and renters, we have been there and done that... all over the world! We have the expertise and successful track record you need.

With the challenging economic conditions in today's market, we understand that it isn’t always possible to sell your home before you move, and being a landlord is time-consuming, especially when you aren't physically close to the location of the property. Being remotely located is not only impractical, but it may also hamper the delivery of superior results. Contract execution, property showings, maintenance, and general day-to-day demands of tenants need to be given top priority. Whether you own a single-family home or a multi-unit apartment complex, it takes patience and knowledge to deal with all the intricacies involved. That's where the Waynesville property management experts at Walker Rentals come in. With years of experience in the industry, we can help mitigate all the hassles of property management while maximizing the reward.

If you're a renter, then you could stand to gain from checking out our Ft Leonard Wood, St. Robert, and Waynesville, Missouri homes for rent. Our goal is to get you into a house that feels like home, not just to make a sale. That's why we work with you to ensure that you're getting the best possible choice for your needs.

Whether you're a tenant or owner, we want to make the process of renting easier for you. Give one of our friendly representatives a call today to find out how.

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Property Management Tips

Fort Leonard Wood Property Management Blog

5 Things Tenants Want in a Rental in 2020

Years ago, people rented because they couldn’t afford to buy a home, maybe because of finances and credit. Nowadays, many people have decided to rent not because they have to, but because it is easier for them to pack up and move when they need. This has changed the rental market considerably, and tenants are weighing their options about rentals differently than they would have 20 years ago. This list will help you understand what today’s tenants need and help you find quality tenants that will love your rental.

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5 Things to Do Before You Start Investing in Real Estate

Becoming a real estate investor is a dream for many people, but most don't think it is possible without lots of extra cash. We believe that anyone can get into real estate investing, and you can turn it into a side business or retirement plan with the right steps. This post will cover some steps you should do before you even start looking for your first investment property.

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