Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process for renting a home?

    1. We strongly recommend touring the home in person with one of our leasing specialists. It is possible to rent a home sight-unseen, but from our experience, it doesn’t tend to be in the best interest of the renter. To help with this, we are more than willing to do a Skype or Facetime showing if you cannot be present to tour the home.
    2. The second step in our rental process is to place a rental application for a home. There is a $40 non-refundable processing fee, but once you have submitted one application, you can move that to any of our rentals.
    3. Your application is sent to the homeowner for them to review and accept you as their tenant.
    4. Once you are accepted, you sign a Security Deposit Disclosure and put down a security deposit that will secure the home for you until the move-in date that you have indicated on your application (up to 30 days away)
    5. After the security deposit is paid, you can sign the lease, pay the first months rent, get the keys and move in.
  • What is a Security Deposit Disclosure?

    The Security Deposit Disclosure is a contract that signifies your intent to rent the home that you have put the security deposit on. By signing it, you understand that your deposit WILL NOT be refunded if you do not complete the terms of your lease. After your lease terms are up, your security deposit will be returned to you, minus any unpaid rent/fees or cost for damages.
  • Where do I go to pay rent?

    You can pay your rent through the online tenant portal. You can set it up to pay with a credit card or a bank account, and can also set up auto payments.
  • How do I set up my tenant portal?

    Once your application has been approved, we will send you a link to set up your tenant portal. If you do not remember your password, click here. If you do not remember which email is associated with the account, call the office at 573-855-9304.

  • What do I do if I want to get a pet?

    All animals on the property must receive approval from the homeowner. If you are interested in getting an animal, you must get approval and sign and fill out a pet addendum BEFORE you bring the pet home.

    It is important to note that there can be NO ANIMALS on the property at any time without consent of the homeowner. This includes pet-sitting for friends and family or having guests over that bring their pets. Any damages that are inflicted on the property by an animal will be paid by the tenant and the tenant will be charged any corresponding pet fees.

  • Can I pet-sit for a friend?

    No. All animals on the property must have approval from the homeowner and pet fees must be paid before an animal is in the home. This also includes having friends over who bring their pets. Any damages that are inflicted on the property by an animal will be paid by the tenant and the tenant will be charged any corresponding pet fees.

  • What is the process for moving into my home?

    After going through our rental process and signing the lease, you may pick up your keys on the day that your lease begins by scheduling an appointment between regular business hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

    Once you have the keys in hand, you will be given a move-in inspection report that lists all damages that our inspectors have noted. You will also be given a 72-hour deficiency report that you will fill out and return within 72 hours of your move-in. You only need to make note of anything that is not listed on the move-in inspection report. It is recommended that you walk the property and make sure you understand everything noted on the move-in report. It is also recommended to take pictures of any damages that are not noted on the move-in inspection report.

    If you find any damages that need to immediate attention, we ask that you create a maintenance request through the tenant portal so that we get a vendor out to the property promptly.

  • How do I submit a maintenance request?

    All maintenance requests must be submitted either through the tenant portal online or through the 24-hour maintenance hotline by calling 1-844-693-7065. Be sure to include photos in your submission. After it is submitted, our maintenance coordinator will begin contacting the homeowner and a vendor, so you may not get a response from us. You can expect to be contacted by the vendor directly for them to schedule a time to go out to the property.

    If you return to your work order page and find that your work order has been edited or closed, and a new one has been opened, this simply means that the maintenance coordinator has reassigned your work order so that he can coordinate with the proper vendors.

  • What is a routine inspection and what can I expect?

    A routine inspection is an inspection requested by the homeowner to check on the status of their home. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. The inspector will meet you at the property and walk through home with you, taking pictures and taking notes about the condition of the property. Specific things that the inspector will be looking for are not limited to: any damages to walls, flooring and ceilings; the condition of the exterior of the home (lawn care, siding and gutter damage); HVAC filters that have been replaced; and appropriate levels of water softener salt. The inspector will take photos of every room of the home to send to the homeowner and create an inspection report that the homeowner will look over.
  • As a tenant, am I responsible for smoke detectors, lights and HVAC filters?

    Yes. You will need to make sure that all smoke detectors work and that they have working batteries. Your HVAC filters need to be checked every 30 days and replaced as needed. If your property has a water softener, you are responsible to check and maintain the level of salt in the water softener. All non-working light bulbs must be replaced with working bulbs by your move out inspection.
  • What do I need to do if I plan to move out?

    If you are wanting to move out of your property, you must provide a 30-Notice to Vacate in person at our office. We will provide a form for you to fill out. It is important to note that you may NOT break your lease unless you have military orders to move to a new duty station. These must be present with you when you come into the office to fill out a 30-Day Notice to Vacate. It is strongly recommended that you fill out the Notice AT LEAST 30 days before your intended move-out. This is because you will be responsible for paying rent for 30 days after you fill out your Notice. At the time you fill out your notice, we will schedule a move-out inspection with you on the day of your move out. You will also be given a list of cleaning standards and recommended vendors for your information.

    IMPORTANT: You may NOT break your lease for any reason, unless if you have authorized military orders to move to a new duty station. You must complete a 30-Day Notice to Vacate IN PERSON at our office during regular business hours. You are required to pay rent for 30 days after you submit your 30-Day Notice to Vacate, even if you plan to move out before that 30 day mark.

  • How do I prepare for my move out inspection?

    The best way to prepare for your move out inspection is to review your 30 Day Notice to Vacate and all of the forms that are attached. If you have any questions about the cleaning standards or anything on those forms, call the office at 573-855-9304.

    If you are planning to self-clean the property, make sure that you follow everything on the cleaning standards checklist. Any item missed on the checklist will be subject to a cleaning fee taken from your security deposit. If you are hiring a cleaning company, give them the cleaning standards checklist and ensure that they guarantee their work. At your inspection, have a receipt for their cleaning present and hand it to the inspector. Any items missed will be the responsibility of the cleaning company if they have guaranteed their work. If you need suggestions on a cleaning company or have questions about the cleaning standards, contact the office at 573-855-9304.

    You are also responsible for getting the carpets professionally cleaned by a cleaner with a truck-mounted cleaning unit. The carpet cleaning must be finished at least 24 hours before the inspection to give it time to dry before the inspection. It is important to schedule the carpet cleaning as close to this time as possible so that the carpet does not get dirty again before the inspection.

    Be sure to replace all non-functioning lights and smoke detector batteries, and replace all HVAC filters and refrigerator filters.


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