Rent Collection

We make sure you get paid on time, every time. You no longer have to worry about rent showing up in your bank account because we take care of it.

We're going GREEN! In an effort to improve our service and conserve resources we are constantly looking for efficient and environmentally friendly ways to provide you with great customer service.

Our property management software system allows for online applications, rent payments, work order requests and statement reporting. This eliminates thousands of sheets of paper a year. In addition, we have made arrangements for Walker Real Estate Rentals to direct deposit your monthly proceeds into your bank account. ACH (Automated Clearing House) funds will be deposited into your account by the the 10th of each month (excluding weekends and holidays). Because the ACH Network is an automatic deposit system:

  • No more writing checks -- GREEN!
  • No driving to each bank to make deposits -- GREEN!
  • No more mailing deposits, saving envelopes and postage -- GREEN!