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What is the process for renting a home?

If you want to rent a house through Walker Rentals, you'll want to tour the house, apply, pay the security deposit and then sign the lease.

  1. We strongly recommend touring the home in person with one of our leasing specialists. It is possible to rent a home sight-unseen, but from our experience, it doesn’t tend to be in the best interest of the renter. To help with this, we are more than willing to do a Skype or Facetime showing if you cannot be present to tour the home.
  2. The second step in our rental process is to place a rental application for a home. There is a $40 non-refundable processing fee, but once you have submitted one application, you can move that to any of our rentals.
  3. Your application is sent to the homeowner for them to review and accept you as their tenant.
  4. Once you are accepted, you sign a Security Deposit Disclosure and put down a security deposit that will secure the home for you until the move-in date that you have indicated on your application (up to 30 days away)
  5. After the security deposit is paid, you can sign the lease, pay the first months rent, get the keys and move in.