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What is the process for moving into my home?

After going through our rental process and signing the lease, you may pick up your keys on the day that your lease begins by scheduling an appointment between regular business hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Once you have the keys in hand, you will be given a move-in inspection report that lists all damages that our inspectors have noted. You will also be given a 72-hour deficiency report that you will fill out and return within 72 hours of your move-in. You only need to make note of anything that is not listed on the move-in inspection report. It is recommended that you walk the property and make sure you understand everything noted on the move-in report. It is also recommended to take pictures of any damages that are not noted on the move-in inspection report.

If you find any damages that need immediate attention, we ask that you create a maintenance request through the tenant portal so that we get a vendor out to the property promptly.