Information about Rently

Rently is a self-showing service that makes it easy for potential tenants to view your vacant home after hours and on weekends.

*The wording below is taken directly from Rently’s informational website*

Rently is the premier electronic lockbox showing solution. Utilizing Rently’s lockbox showing solutions, renters can instantly and securely access properties at their convenience. This method, also referred to as Self-Service Showing, is becoming the industry norm, and potential renters are expecting this service more and more.

Rently uses Sentrilock Lockboxes as a shell, with a Banking-level encryption technology that pre-loads millions and millions of codes onto each box, and is able to determine if each code entered is the correct code for that date and time. These are Motorized lockboxes with a 5-year lithium ion battery, made in the USA, and covered by our Partnership Guarantee.

When a Property Manager uses Rently’s Smart Lockboxes, the goal is for Rently to do as much of the heavy lifting for you as they can, making sure we are able to focus our resources in a more effective way. We do this by allowing technology and automation to drive the process.

When a renter is interested in a property, they send us an inquiry, usually from one of the major listing sites (ie. Zillow,, Trulia, etc.). This is the first place Rently kicks in to make your life easier, turning every inbound lead into a chance to do a showing with a Push Marketing Autoresponder. Within second, the renter gets an email letting them know they are able to view the property at their own convenience and are prompted to sign up for Rently.

Rently verifies their smartphone, secures them with a valid credit card, then gives them instructions to go to the property. From the property, the renter is able to use the Lockbox Serial code to get a secure, 1-hour access code. The great thing about this part are the Live Alerts we get every time someone checks in at the property. We can literally sit and watch showings do themselves wherever we are.

Once the renter is done, they are prompted to check out, returning the key to the Smart Lockbox, verifying that they respected the property, and then they are asked for their feedback. This is a great way not only to keep in touch with how renters view your property, but also to know who is interested in pursuing an application and lease.

Concerns about damages? With over 4 million check-ins nationwide, Rently has never had a serious case of a renter using Rently to cause damage to a property. As you know, property management is often about mitigating risk and the reason you’d be nervous about security and liability is because you’ve probably heard horror stories.

For us, the best way to mitigate exposure is to get a renter in the property with a signed lease. That’s where Rently comes in. They use the same precautions as the Car Rental or Hotel industry, taking a valid credit card and verifying their smart phone so the renter is on the hook for any damage done during a self-showing. This means the system polices itself because your renters are looking to keep their credit intact, which means being responsible.

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