How do I prepare for my move out inspection?

The best way to prepare for your move out inspection is to review your 30-Day Notice to Vacate and all forms that are attached.

If you are planning to self-clean the property, make sure you follow everything on the cleaning standards checklist. Any item missed on the checklist will be subject to a cleaning fee taken from your security deposit. If you are hiring a cleaning company, give them the cleaning standards checklist and ensure that they guarantee their work. At your inspection, have a receipt for their cleaning present and hand it to the inspector. Any items missed will be the responsibility of the cleaning company if they have guaranteed their work. If you need suggestions on a cleaning company, you can find them on your vendor list.

You are also responsible for getting the carpets professionally cleaned by a cleaner with a truck-mounted cleaning unit. The carpet cleaning must be finished at least 24 hours before the inspection to give it time to dry before the inspection. It is important to schedule the carpet cleaning as close to this time as possible so that the carpet does not get dirty again before the inspection.

Be sure to replace all non-functioning lights and smoke detector batteries, and replace all HVAC filters and refrigerator filters.