DotLoop Walkthrough - For Owners

This article covers how to use DotLoop to sign a document from Walker Rentals

This is a condensed tutorial based on the one provided by DotLoop. You can access it here:

What is DotLoop?

Dotloop is an online workspace that connects everyone and everything needed to complete a real estate transaction in one place. Dotloop allows you and your property manager to edit, complete, sign and share documents without ever needing to print, fax or email.

Signing Your First Document

When the property manager has requested your signature, you will receive an email in your inbox. Typically, the subject line will read [Your Property Manager's Name] needs you to sign [Document Name] in [Loop Name].

Upon opening this email, you will see brief instructions within the body. Read these carefully as your property manager may have specific information for you in this email. When you're ready, go ahead and click the blue VIEW DOCUMENT button. This will pull you into the document.


As soon as you enter the document, you will be presented with a flashing blue button stating START SIGNING. If you click this button, Dotloop will walk you down your document(s) and assist you in clicking in the proper spots to sign as designated by your property manager. However, you can manually scroll down the document at your own pace and read and/or sign as you like.

DotLoop SignDocs Bar

DotLoop Owner Signature Area

Adopt Your Signature

When you've clicked on your first signature or initial field, Dotloop will prompt you to Adopt your signature. This is a small window that displays only after you click on thefirstsignature or initial box. It is simply asking that your legal name is correct and/or spelled correctly, and the same for your initials. When viewing this window, just click on your name under the CONFIRM YOUR NAME field to edit your sign name, and click on your initials under the INITIALS field to edit your initials.


When you are happy with your e-Sign signature and initials, you will want to click the blue ADOPT AND SIGN button at the bottom right of this window. Dotloop will immediately place your electronic signature in each subsequent signature and/or initial field you click on within the document(s).

Finish Signing

When you've clicked everywhere you've been prompted to sign, Dotloop will ask you to finish signing. Do this by simply clicking the FINISH SIGNING button. You are now met with a congratulations screen, notifying you that you have successfully signed the documents in each field you clicked on. Dotloop has notified your property manager of your signatures.


Filling Out and Signing Documents

If your property manager has requested you to fill out and sign a document, the steps can be slightly different than those listed above.

When you first open your document(s), Dotloop will still offer to guide you through the document. You can follow this guide, or simply scroll through the document and fill out the document manually. Once you've successfully completed this document, you will click the I'M DONE button on the top right. Dotloop will now display the congratulations screen, as reviewed above in the Confirm Signing section of this article.


If you have any issues accessing or signing the documents, please let the property manager know. If you are not seeing the email in your inbox, you may need to check your spam folder. You may also need to confirm that the documents have been sent to the correct email. You can check with the property manager to ensure that the email addresses on file are correct.