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How to Use Dryer Sheets to Hack Your Cleaning

System - Thursday, November 14, 2019

When doing your laundry, you probably don't think too much about using dryer sheets. Most people throw them into the dryer and toss them when the load is done. But dryer sheets can do so much more than remove static from your clothes! Check out some of them here:

  1. Do you have a stand up shower with glass doors? Cleaning off soap scum can be difficult and time-consuming. Using a dryer sheet will make it easier. Just wet a fresh dryer sheet and start scrubbing. The sheet's texture does a great job of scrubbing away that unwanted soap scum. You can also take a dry sheet and store it in your toilet paper holder to absorb smells.
  2. Dusting is such a hassle; and things never stay clean. Consider using a dryer sheet to get rid of dust. Dryer sheet are meant to trap dust, so it shouldn't take too much work. Also, a dry sheet can help prevent dust from sticking to your baseboards and furniture.
  3. We have hard water around here, so it's not uncommon to have a ring around your toilet bowl, especially if you don't use that toilet regularly. Try placing a dryer sheet on the ring and use a toilet brush to scrub it around the bowl. You are getting double the scrubbing, making it easier to get rid of those toilet rings. Make sure to take the dryer sheet out; you do not want to flush it.
  4. Once a month, use a dryer sheet to clean your blinds, especially if you have small blinds that are difficult to fit a cloth in between the slats. Just like how dryer sheets prevents dust accumulation on baseboards and furniture, you'll find the same results for your blinds!
  5. Another great benefit of dryer sheets is that they absorb gross smells. Try leaving some dryer sheets in the bottom of your gym bag or hamper. That way, when you open it, you won't be knocked down by the smell of stinky shoes and dirty clothes. You can also try it in your car by leaving one under your seats to help freshen it up.

Cleaning your clothes isn't all those little dryer sheets can do. Try some of these cleaning ideas to make your home sparkle!

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