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How to Make Any Room Look Bigger

System - Thursday, October 17, 2019

Sometimes it's difficult to know how to make your home layout work. And when you find a room that just isn't big enough, it can be frustrating. For those rooms, use these simple tips to make the best use of that space.

Use Mirrors

One great tip for room without lots of space is to use mirrors to make the room feel bigger. Hanging mirrors do two things. First, they bounce light, so they will make your room brighter, which helps give the impression of more space. Second, they create the optical illusion that your room extends past the wall.

Fill with Lights

Another idea to try making your room feel larger is to add more light. A dark room feels cramped and confined, but one with lots of lights feel light and airy. The best way to make a room larger is to use natural light, so make sure your windows are cleaned and you don't have heavy drapes hanging over them. The next thing you can do is bring in lamps to darken up the corners of your room. Stay away from spot lights and reading light, which focus light in one area, making the room feel more enclosed.

Raise Your Furniture

Since we're talking about light, one thing to consider is to raise your furniture off the floor. What we mean by that is to choose furniture that has visible legs and doesn't have a skirt that hangs in front of it or supports that go all the way to the floor. By creating that space, it prevents the room from feeling too grounded, and it allows more light to pass under your furniture.

Clear Out Clutter

The easiest way to make a room feel claustrophobic is to have too much stuff in there. When decorating, don't use lots of knick knacks on the bookshelves or a large picture gallery on the walls. Also, make sure all tops of tables and dressers are clear; and pick up anything sitting on the floor. Instead, choose a focal art piece to hang on the wall that doesn't take up too much space.

Big Ol' Bookshelves

To make a room feel bigger, it is often a good idea to add height. One way to do this is to draw the eye upward with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. If all of your shelves, dressers and furniture stops halfway up the wall, people will only notice the floor, which can make them feel like the room is caving in. A tall bookshelf is good for some visual variety because people will look up to take it all in.

Stay Away from the Bold

When choosing colors and patterns for small rooms, don't use too much bold. Bright colors and patterns can compete in a small space and make it feel even smaller. A good idea for small spaces is to use light neutrals and use a bold accent here or there to add personality.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

To create more space in a room, you sometimes have to actually make space. This can be done by getting rid of furniture or using multi-purpose furniture. Things like a storage bench: one that can be used to sit on and then the seat lifts up for more storage space. Or a tv stand that has shelving and drawers underneath.

Taking some time to figure out how to make the small rooms in your home more livable will make your home more relaxing and enjoyable.