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4 Signs an Applicant will Make a Great Tenant

System - Thursday, November 7, 2019

Having good tenants means having a good experience as a landlord. It's as simple as that. So it is imperative that your property manager spend time finding the right tenants for your property and not just anyone to fill the space. These are some of the signs that show that a tenant will be the right match for your rental.

They Have Good References

References are a great way to predict how a tenant will behave. Good references would show that a tenant paid rent on time, didn't damage the property and stayed in communication with the property manager. If a reference from a past landlord says that the tenant did thousands of dollars in damage to their last rental, that should be an immediate red flag.

They are Attentive and Thorough On Their Application

If a tenant is paying attention to their application and understands what is expected of them before they move into the property, they are taking the rental process seriously, which typically shows that they will treat your house with respect too. If a tenant is careless about their application, they may end up being careless about your rental too.

They are Respectful and Courteous

This one is pretty obvious, but we'll talk about it anyway. Those who are respectful and courteous and stay in communication with the property manager are the ones that understand that a lease represents a business relationship. If a tenant is immediately disrespectful and rude, you can't expect them to treat a business relationship with respect.

They Ask Questions

An inquisitive tenant is a good tenant. If a tenant starts off the renting process wanting to understand what is expected of them and what to expect from the property manager, you can be sure they want to make sure their renting experience is a good one. Some great questions to hear are "How are maintenance requests handled?" and "What is the process if I want to get a pet?" These are signs that the tenant is planning ahead.

You can never be 100% sure how a tenant will turn out. But taking the right steps during the application process can weed out bad tenants, leaving you with a reliable tenant who will respect your property and make their rental experience enjoyable. To learn how a great property management company can find you a quality tenant, head here.

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